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Libraries’ GIS Help Desk

The GIS Help Desk is a library service offered by the Geospatial Information Librarian, Dr. Becky Seifried, to help any UMass student, staff, or faculty member with  troubleshooting software issues, finding data, and conducting vector/raster spatial analysis. She can also help connect to resources about related topics, like software licensing, data management, data visualization, photogrammetry and 3D model construction.

Drop-In Help Desk (on pause)

The Help Desk will be on pause until in-person classes resume. If you would like Becky’s help, please book a consultation.

One-on-One Consultations

All consultations are being held online (via Zoom) to accommodate members of the UMass community who are off-campus.

Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)

The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) provides resources and support for researchers using social science methods, seeking to take part in collaborative and interdisciplinary research, doing publicly engaged research, and seeking external funding for research. ISSR staff can help with questions about ArcGIS, spatial statistics, and data visualization. Click here to make an appointment: https://www.umass.edu/issr/what-we-do/consultation

Quantitative Sciences Group in Environmental Conservation

For students enrolled in the Environmental Conservation program, the Quantitative Sciences Group can provide consultations in statistical modeling and spatial data analysis. Click here for contact information: https://www.umass.edu/qsg/

Last Updated on January 20, 2021